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Feature My School: Orange County Public Schools

Feature My School: Orange County Public Schools

  So what is it like to have over 25,000 fans on your school district’s Facebook page? I can’t answer that, so I reached out to someone who can! Sarah Au, Social Media Manager at Orange County Public Schools in Florida recently shared the ins and outs of their well-established strategy for using platforms like

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How to Add Closed Captions to your Facebook Videos

How to Add Closed Captions to your Facebook Videos

How often do you watch videos on Facebook without the sound? I do it ALL THE TIME! Maybe I’m being a little to transparent, but let me share. If I’m in bed surfing Facebook, and I can’t wake or bother my husband with the sound – I will watch in silence. Or if I’m in

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Grab Followers the Moment They Enter Your School!

Grab Followers the Moment They Enter Your School!

Does every person that walks into your school realize that you are on social media? They do now at our partner schools! Check out these awesome, weatherable stickers that we had made through a local sign provider. We chose to highlight the school hashtag, along with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles. Each sign was under

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#SocialSchool4EDU Facebook 2017: What’s New for Schools

Facebook 2017: What’s New for Schools

  Facebook makes updates ALL THE TIME! I just talked with a school who didn’t realize you could disable reviews on your school page. (If you didn’t know that, it’s easy to do in settings on the general tab.) How do you keep up with it all when social media is just part of your

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School District of Reedsburg - Feature My School

School District of Reedsburg – Feature My School

  A school with great tradition, wonderful staff, and a supportive community. What more could you ask for? Well, a year ago, the School District of Reedsburg wanted to “up” their game. They decided to make social media a big part of their communication strategy. And it has transformed things – to a whole new

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Three Keys to Leverage Social Media

Three Keys to Leverage Social Media

Social media is a key way to engage your community with your school. But it is easier said than done. You cannot simply start a Facebook page and expect to reach thousands of people each week with stories from your school. Having a page is an essential first step, but then you need to add

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What Our Clients Say

"Our kids are our #1 priority, so we feel it is important that we invest our time, resources, and money to the students. We also feel we owe it to our students to share the many great things that occur at school to our community and beyond. #Socialschool4EDU has capitalized on all of this for Edgar. The investment has proved to be a huge success. The positive impact we are having with their learning experience is being amplified by the thousands of people who get to celebrate with them.”

Cari Guden

( Edgar District Administrator )

“Andrea is an engaging presenter. Her patience for all levels of learners is awesome. The “real life” examples and stories really provide a great background for learning.”

Dawn Nordine

( Executive Director, Wisconsin Virtual School )

"Andrea was extremely helpful and patient with helping our school increase and improve our social media presence. We feel that Birchwood School is able to connect our students, staff and families with our community in new ways and we're excited about our future growth and development!"

Katie Pritchett

( High School English Teacher, Birchwood School )

"As a former Marketing Manager, I thought I was up on all of the “tricks” of the social media trade. Your workshop gave me incite to a number of time saving and effective shortcuts. We will definitely be utilizing all of the social media applications combined with print media marketing efforts to promote our school district and communicate with the public to pass a referendum!”

Shay Jilek

( Administrative Support, Tomah Area School District )

"Thanks to #SocialSchool4EDU, the Frederic School District is touching the lives of those connected to our schools, in ways we've never been able to in the past. We have the ability to involve a segment of our stakeholders that is truly interested and committed to helping our schools serve its students and community at a high level."

Josh Robinson

( Superintendent – School District of Frederic )

“I had a few reservations prior to launching our District’s Facebook page, but now wish that we would have started much earlier. Andrea and SocialSchool4EDU has been great to work with and is constantly working to make our social media experience better. As such, our community is staying connected with all of the great things happening within our schools.”

Joe Leschisin

( District Administrator, School District of Cameron )

“Andrea's expertise in the Social Media and Marketing area has had a profound effect on our district's ability to connect with the public. Parents, community, students, staff, school board, and administration have embraced this wonderful tool for telling people about all the great things that go on in our school district. Andrea's work has been instrumental in engaging our stakeholders and improving the image of our school.”

Brian Henning

( Waterloo District Administrator )

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