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10 Cool #Hashtags for Schools

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10 Cool #Hashtags for Schools

Does your school district still need to pick a hashtag? It is so important to help tell your story. The task may seem fun and easy…

Until you try to do it!

Creating the perfect Recipe for an Awesome School #Hashtag was a topic we covered in detail this summer. The 5 key ingredients were listed and a few examples were given, but we wanted to provide more.

Here are 10 of the coolest hashtags around & why we love them so!

1. #CFMSRocks

Chippewa Falls Middle School truly does rock – I’ve been there! They have a Minecraft class for their middle school students and incorporate hashtags into everyday grammar problems that they find in the real world. Teachers, students, and the school itself love to rock their hashtag. And isn’t it fun to see how they can incorporate it into a sentence?

2. #GoCrickets

Even I have some infamous #GoCrickets swag from Dr. Sanfelippo! He ensures that everyone helps carry around their story with pride. This photo of their new staff members says it all. And check out that awesome background. It’s like a TV press room after a big game, but they use it as a backdrop for LOTS of photos, videos and more.

3. #RLWarriorWay

The Rice Lake Area School District promotes the Warrior Way throughout the halls of their many school buildings – so it was only fitting that their hashtag would help promote it as well. Doing things the #RLWarriorWay now gets to find its way into tweets, Instagram posts and more.

4. #CameronComets

When your community uses your hashtag, you can find incredible photos like these! This school just grabbed their school name and mascot. It’s totally unique, short enough in length, and of course easy to remember.

5. #LeydenPride

Shooting out special recognition on social media with the hashtag is so fun. Especially Alex, who got a Snickers out of the deal too! The word “pride” and “proud” are used by quite a few schools, but that doesn’t mean your school can’t use it too.

6. #WeLoveBPS

When a bigger school district can grab onto a hashtag that relates to everyone – you are going to get great participation! #WeLoveBPS is such a cool phrase – and check out this cool throwback photo that was shared on the first day of school this week.

7. #ProudtobeaJet
Now not every mascot is three letters. This would make it hard to use this hashtag for your school if your name is too long. But we love the sense of team spirit this hashtag puts out. Great job James Clemens High School!

8. #APSisAwesome

OK – Awesome is my FAVORITE word. I absolutely overuse it! Arlington Public Schools in Virginia is a large district that simply abbreviated the district and this hashtag is used constantly. Keep being AWESOME!

9. #ShareSHS

They grabbed the word “share” and that is what everyone does at Stevenson High School. From sports to artwork to reminders to classroom activities – they cover it all. Keep it up Pats!

10. #ExtraordinaryMPS

OK – we are ending with this one – because who can beat a 105-year-old volunteer at their school?!?! The way communities come together to support the school are amazing. Make sure your hashtag is helping you celebrate all the great things going on!

Hopefully these hashtags will inspire some creative ideas for your school. Have a contest with your kids involved to come up with the best idea – you can even have people vote with likes on social media.

So this list just captured 10 schools. Is your hashtag even cooler? Shout it out below so we can weigh in.

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Christine Goffredo

October 3, 2016at 10:14 pm

#JustAnotherGreatDayAtIS34 Is one that you may not have known existed but should make your list! Not many schools have branded themselves with such Pride and greatness. Ask any parent, student, or teacher their opinion and they will tell you how great each day is at IS 34 in Staten Island, NY. Principal John Boyle has created a culture that is second to none.

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