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Andrea GribbleAndrea Gribble – Social Media Storyteller & Founder

Andrea Gribble is passionate about helping your school broadcast your story to the world. Celebrating students and staff is the best “job” ever! After working with her daughter’s school district, she learned that many schools lack the time and expertise to feel comfortable with social media.  #SocialSchool4EDU was born from Andrea’s desire to help other schools do the same.

Andrea, a mom of two school-age children, has 13 years of experience in the corporate world. With an undergrad in Chemistry and Business and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, she now loves giving back to the communities around her. Every time she gets a chance to share positive stories, she knows it can make a difference. From school delays to celebrations, she wants to help your school stay on top of it all.

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Contact Andrea today so she can put her expertise and team to work for you. From training your team to full service updates on social media, #SocialSchool4EDU can help you seize the vast opportunities found on social media.

“We live in a social media world. Let me help you harness these powerful tools and use them to make your district better and keep your students and parents connected”

-Andrea Gribble



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Heidi Feller – CIO – Chief Inspirational Officer

Heidi Feller – CIO – Chief Inspirational OfficerHeidi is a Wisconsin native (go Badgers!) who grew up in Black Earth and graduated from Wisconsin Heights. After attending UW-Madison and earning her B.S. in Secondary Education, she taught German before “retiring” to raise her two children.

Heidi lives in Reedsburg, Wisconsin with her husband, Bob and their two children, Hannah and Eli. Her hobbies include reading, cooking and knitting. She loves to spend time outdoors.

Her favorite memory from school includes being awarded a scholarship to spend her senior year in Germany. This allowed Heidi to become fluent in German and sparked a lifelong love of traveling. The Instagram posts from this experience would have been fun to see!

As a former teacher AND district website and social media coordinator, Heidi knows the power of celebrating students and connecting communities through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. “Our teachers and students knock their socks off learning and growing each school day and the world needs to know it! Andrea’s team, of which I am honored to be part of, is second to none.”


Emily_Peterson – School Account Manager

Emily_Peterson – School Account ManagerEmily_is a Minnesota native who loves to visit her beautiful cabin located in Chetek, Wisconsin. She attended Bethel University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Emily lives in Woodbury, Minnesota, in the Stillwater school district with her husband and three children Natalie, Nick and Alaina. She loves to read, sketch and paint. She also is a devoted cheerleader to her kids in their sports.

Emily’s favorite school memory was winning a patriotic art contest that got her name and photo in the newspaper. If social media had been around, it would have been great to see that on the school page!

Emily loves helping the schools tell their stories! As a parent, there is so much you miss of what happens to your kids during the school day. Bringing that into social media gives parents a sneak peek into what our schools are really doing, and every time it’s better than we could imagine on our own!


Allison_Martinson – School Account Manager & Graphics Designer

Allison_Martinson – School Account Manager & Graphics DesignerAllison_is a native of northwest Wisconsin. She grew up in the town of Rice Lake, and throughly enjoyed her simple, slow-paced childhood in a small community. After high school, she attended The Art Institutes International, Minnesota, where she earned her associate’s degree in Graphic Design.

Allison lives in Cameron, Wisconsin, with her husband Jay, her children, Elena, Evelyn, JJ and Jonas and a long list of pets. She enjoys camping with her family, cooking, and crafting. She is on a mission to feed her family “real food” home cooked meals. If she gets a chance to be creative (even in the kitchen), it’s been a good day! Allison also enjoys doing photography and graphic design projects out of her home.

Allison’s greatest school memory was being on the dance team, The Warriorettes. She developed life-long relationships with teammates and learned how to use practice and discipline in order to reach personal goals.

Allison is excited to have the opportunity to share the everyday moments that each school experiences. Children’s accomplishments, big and small, should be shared within the community, and Allison is so honored to collaborate with #SocialSchool4EDU and make that happen!


Joanna_Damas – School Account Manager

Joanna Damas

Joanna_ has lived in Brooklyn Center, MN for the past nine years and has a seven-year-old daughter. She enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. In the summer Joanna coaches soccer and enjoys helping her team grow friendships and confidence.

As a former soccer player, Joanna’s favorite school memory is being Senior Varsity Soccer Captain. Leading team practices and forming friendships is where she learned the leadership skill she uses on the field and in life.

Joanna is proud to be given the opportunity share her heritage with school communities in this unique way. Highlighting a child’s life while learning new skills is a great way to see life from a new prospective this is why #SocialSchool4EDU is a great collaboration for Joanna.




Brenda_Tomlinson – School Account Manager

Brenda_Tomlinson – School Account ManagerBrenda_ is a native of south central Wisconsin. She grew up on a farm near the town of Stoughton. After high school she attended Madison Area Technical College and earned an Associate’s Degree in Business.

Brenda lives in Hudson, Wisconsin with her husband Chris and son Connor. She enjoys being outdoors – doing things like camping, hiking, and swimming. She is also dedicated to health and wellness for her family and spends a lot of time trying out new recipes in the kitchen!

Brenda’s favorite school memory was being a high school tutor for elementary school kids. It made each day a little brighter for both herself and the children she tutored.

Brenda is excited for the opportunity to help schools tell their stories on social media. It is such a great way to allow the parents and community to see what is going on at their school, as well as celebrate the school, teachers, staff, and of course the children!



Kandra_Volentine – Website Manager

Kandra Volentine

Kandra_is a Colorado native and graduate of Western State Colorado University in Gunnison. She received her Bachelor of Arts with a major in art and a minor in English. She enjoys photography, reading, writing, and learning more about coding.

Kandra’s favorite school memory was in the seventh grade when she nominated her awesome math teacher for Channel 5’s Teacher of the Month Award and won. Kandra, her teacher, and another student all appeared on the news in honor of the math teacher’s recognition as Teacher of the Month. If social media had been more prominent in middle school, it would have been great to have the nomination recognized on the school’s site!

Kandra is excited to have the opportunity to work with schools via their websites. It is exciting to see what is happening in the school communities and to be able to assist in promoting their agendas and activities through social media.


Kathi_Gilles – School Account Manager

Kathi_Gilles – School Account ManagerKathi_ is a native of northwest Wisconsin. She grew up in the town of Rice Lake. Her first full time job after high school was working at Cray Research, building super computers. She soon found that her true calling was retail sales when she married into a family that owned a furniture business.

Kathi lives just outside of Cameron, Wisconsin with her husband Brian. They have 4 children, Jacob, Emily, Katie and Madalyn. She enjoys all the animals that they have and being involved with her community and church.

Kathi’s greatest school memory was being a cheerleader. She learned that hard work and a “can do” attitude will go far. It would have been great to have social media back then to feature all of her squads’ accomplishments.

Kathi is excited to work with schools to celebrate and share the wonderful things happening everyday. As a parent she enjoys seeing what is happening in her school district, and now is proud to be able to share these things for other communities. She also believes social media is a great tool to connect.



Tanille_Hartwig – School Account Manager

Tanille Hartwig

Tanille_ lives in Athens, a small town in central Wisconsin, with her husband, Andrew, and four children, Jazelle, Sy’Rih, Nixon, and Emzlee. While growing up in Athens, family, friends, and sports consumed her time. After graduation, she attended the University of Wisconsin-Stout and received her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communications Management. She went on to earn another degree in Elementary Education.

Recently, after six years of teaching middle school English, she decided to stay home with her family. This will give her more time to make memories with her children. Tanille also enjoys working on her personal blog, photography, and creating DIY projects around her home.

Looking back, Tanille’s fondest school memories were made while competing in athletics. The relationships she formed were simply priceless, and the lessons learned still apply to her life today. If only social media had existed, their accomplishments and milestones could have been shared with so many more.

Tanille is excited to stay connected with education through #SocialSchool4EDU. Working with children has always been a passion of hers and being able to showcase all the awesome things they do is the perfect scenario!


Amanda Taylor – School Account Manager

Amanda Taylor – School Account ManagerAmanda_grew up in west-central Wisconsin. She is a city girl from Eau Claire. Her childhood home was blocks from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire where she later earned a Bachelors of Fine Art degree in Graphic Design.

Amanda lives in River Falls, Wisconsin with her two young daughters. She enjoys the visual arts – photography, graphic design, pastel & chalk drawing, and scrap-booking. She is dedicated to providing enrichment opportunities for her children.

Amanda’s best school memories are of her time in the school choir. Singing with her classmates, Amanda learned the value of having a creative outlet and the power a unified voice. Choir also introduced Amanda to her most enduring friendships.

Amanda has experienced first hand the community building potential of social media, and she is absolutely thrilled to facilitate communication between the school district, the students, and the community through #SocialSchool4EDU.


Liz Zimmerman – School Account Manager

Liz Zimmerman – School Account ManagerLiz is a native of northeast Wisconsin, growing up as an avid Packer fan in Green Bay. After graduating from Southwest High School, Liz earned her Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Journalism from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Liz lives in Prior Lake, Minnesota with her husband, Drew, and their 3 children – Matt, Will & Elena. She also has a 4th child that she calls, Miller – her rambunctious (and very tall) 95 pound dog. She enjoys exercising & jogging, cooking, deal shopping and photography. Her favorite thing to do is watch her kids excel in sports in the community. She’s “that mom” in the stands that you’ll hear loud and clear.

Liz’s favorite school memory was having Bill Schroeder, a former wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, be her middle school phy ed teacher at the start of his football career in the 1990’s. She was also a part of a local competitive dance team throughout her high school years.  She cherishes the friendships and memories that were created – and still keeps in touch with her coach and teammates after all these years!

Liz is thrilled to be able to work with schools in highlighting the accomplishments and stories of their students, faculty and staff to the community through social media. She values the importance of families in the community being connected to their schools and believes whole heartedly in the mission of #SocialSchool4EDU.


Sarah Sparks – School Account Manager

Sarah Sparks

Sarah is a Minnesota native who grew up in the Twin Cities area and graduated from St Olaf College in Northfield, MN. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Spanish.

Sarah currently lives in St Louis Park, MN and enjoys all the Minneapolis area has to offer. In her free time you can find her attending local sporting events (Go Vikings!), eating at local restaurants, and visiting area museums. She also coaches youth soccer year round.

Sarah’s best school memory is playing high school soccer. She cherishes the friendships she made, and owes her strong work ethic to her time as an athlete.

Sarah is excited to showcase the great work that is being done in our schools with the community. She believes that connecting students, faculty, and families through social media will allow for stronger schools and communities, and she is proud to be a part of a company that helps form these connections.



Stephanie Sinz – School Account Manager

Stephanie Sinz – School Account ManagerStephanie is a native of central Wisconsin. She grew up in a small community, Edgar, WI. After attending college at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, she began her teaching career in Elementary Education and has 10 years of teaching under her belt. After some career advancements for her husband, Stephanie and her husband Jordan found themselves living happily back in their home town near their families! Another career change now leads them to a new adventure moving down to the Madison area. Together they have three children- Ilah, Cyri and Talen.

Her family clearly loves change and adventures! They enjoy camping, kayaking, and traveling. When Stephanie is not adventuring you may find her crafting, refinishing, or doing DIY projects around the house.

With Stephanie’s experiences within the classroom, she realizes the importance of connecting and communicating with the community. Social Media is a great place to showcase all of the positive things going on in schools today!


Ashley Schilling – School Account Manager

Ashley Schilling – School Account ManagerAshley grew up in Mondovi, Wisconsin, and loved living in small town where everyone knew everyone. After high school, she attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where she got her degree in education.

Ashley now lives in Edgar, Wisconsin, with her husband Jason, and four children, Jacie, Will, Ellie, and Sadie. She taught for nine years in the Edgar School District and currently stays home with her children.

Ashley’s greatest memories from school were competing in athletics. She learned that if one works hard at something, great things will come. The lessons learned through athletics shaped who she is today.

Ashley is excited to stay connected to education through #SocialSchool4edu. She loves seeing all the amazing things happening in classrooms and showcasing them to the communities!

Sarah Payton – School Account Manager

Sarah Payton – School Account ManagerSarah is a Wisconsin native who grew up in a really small town in rural Wisconsin and graduated from UW-Stout with a Bachelor of Science in Vocational Rehabilitation with a dual concentration in Criminal Justice and Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Sarah currently lives in Burnsville, MN with her husband, two children, and Lab/Retriever, Zoe. In her spare time she enjoys traveling back to Wisconsin, sports, and spending time with her family. She moved to Minnesota for a job in 2005. Since then she has held several different jobs, but her most recent is a state program administrator with the State of Minnesota, Department of Corrections.

Sarah is really looking forward to the opportunity to utilize social media to reach communities and families. She has a passion for helping people and thinks that social media is an exceptional and innovative way to share the happenings and positives that are happing in school districts today.

Carrie Tjernagle – School Account Manager

Carrie Tjernagle - School Account ManagerCarrie is a Wisconsin native who grew up in Milwaukee. She had the unique experience of going to a boarding school in Watertown, WI (Northwestern Prep at the time, now called Luther Prep). She went on to get a Bachelor of Arts degree with an English Major and Communication Minor from Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee.

Carrie lives in Sturgeon Bay, WI with her husband, daughter, and Buck the labradoodle. In her spare time, you will find her on the water in Door County fishing or boating with her family. She is also a fitness fanatic, teaching a workout class at the YMCA and training for half marathons and other running events. Her husband is in education, and she has worked for various school districts in clerical support roles. Most recently, she has worked from home as rep with a clothing company.

Her best memories from high school revolve around participating in three sports in high school. She values the friendships made with teammates and the work ethic she developed through training and competing.

Carrie is excited to work with school districts telling their stories. Because of her husband’s leadership role in education she has seen firsthand the importance of social media to connect with your community and get the word out about the positive things going on with students and staff. She loves the mission of #SocialSchool4EDU–Celebrating Students and Connecting Communities–and is proud to be a part of it!



Diane Resvick

January 12, 2015at 6:39 pm

Hi, Andrea…

I’ve really enjoyed the posts you’ve done about New Auburn School. Wanted to say, “Well, done!” I also wanted to ask if your program is do-able with an out-of-state school. Fargo is a huge school district with its own IT department that controls all the technology for the district. So I don’t even know if doing something like what you offer will work. But I like what you have done and want to share it with my principal. Take care. My best to you and again, well done!

Diane Resvick

    Andrea North

    January 12, 2015at 9:40 pm

    Hi Ms. Resvick!

    My youngest daughter is in 1st Grade this year – the same room that you taught me in so many years ago. I often think back to our computer club that we had. All of that coding and commands – my how things have changed!

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I absolutely LOVE what I get to do! I can absolutely work with any school district – so Fargo would be great. I plan to branch out nation-wide with my services and training programs. The fun thing is that with technology and the systems that we have in place, my team can be a dedicated resource to get great stories out to the world – wherever that may be. I’m also focused on what each district needs and am willing to adapt my services accordingly. I can help as much or as little as they need. I just want to be a catalyst to get the great stories from the school out to the community and beyond.

    Take care. So nice of you to reach out!


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