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Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!


Building your school brand takes work. Of course, it starts with the people, and carries over to the digital (website and social media), but eventually you want to see it. On walls, on t-shirts, and on anything else you can think of.

I like to call it “swag.” The term dates back to the 1960s and was used to describe promotional items. Many times it refers to things given away for free at an event, such as a conference. For instance, I just got a “swag bag” at a business conference I attended. So much awesome, free stuff inside from businesses that can help my business.

How does this relate to social media? In every way imaginable! You can take great photos of your swag to share on Instagram. Or you can use swag as prizes for contests on Facebook or Twitter. You can also promote school pride days through social media and then share photos or videos of students and staff.

So what are some fun ways to show off your school brand? Well, I reached out to my trusted network of #schoolpr peeps across North America to grab the best ideas! You’ll see ideas that should fit any budget!

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!My newest favorite is this PopSocket from Fall Creek! You can customize your own and sell them for a fundraiser. Check out this link. Fall Creek is selling them for about $5. I just ordered a personalized one for my business. It was really easy to do, but it cost me $15 because I only ordered two of them.

Fall Creek has a few other favorites too. Superintendent Joe Sanfelippo loves to spread the #GoCrickets gear! He is one of our speakers at this year’s Social Media Summer Camp too! Haven’t heard about it yet? Check it out!

Table Top Bean Bags that I think the students were making:

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

And even an ice scraper:

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

In other weather related items, Melissa McConnell shared this nice umbrella with us from Belton School District.

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

Catherine Kedjidjian from Illinois shared her “Swag in a Bag” with us. The gloves went to all staff while other items (bag, water bottle, notebook, flashlight) went as prizes for new teachers.

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

Lesley Bruinton from Tuscaloosa City Schools shared her branded items with us. I spy a really nice mug!

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

Looking for more ideas? My friend Shane Haggerty from Tolles Career & Technical Center shared a table top of all his items. I love the banners, and even the gift bags!

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

For teacher appreciation week, Mineral Point gave away nice window clings!

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

These branded socks have me quite jealous! Brian Woodland from Peel District School Board in Canada knows how to rock the swag.

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

Derek Duncan from Parkway Schools in Missouri had socks too! And then he knew how to really share his swag. He put it on a student!!

And the Plainfield Schools gave a really practical idea – calendar magnets!

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

I had a few ideas lying around my office. First you have the basic bracelet:

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

Erin sent me this awesome screen cloth cleaner and sticky clean (that cleans your phone and sticks to the back) from Wilmot Union High School.

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

This hashtag stress reliever is the coolest – and it proudly displays #K12PRchat. Check it out every other Tuesday.

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

And I don’t know if you want to go here or not – but logo Spinners are here!

Promote Your School with Cool SWAG!

OK – now it is your turn! We want to see your school swag. Share it below or tweet it to me @andreagribble.

Getting inspired by other schools is fun! If you are looking to build your network, join in on the virtual event of the summer. It’s our 1st Annual Social Media Summer Camp. The fun happens on Wednesday, July 26th from 11 am – 5 pm EST. Check out this page to learn all about this upcoming event.

1st Annual Social Media Summer Camp


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One Secret for Better Social Media Next School Year

One Secret for Better Social Media Next School Year

I’m smart.

Hold on with me here for a second while I explain.

I’m not smart because I graduated a straight-A student from high school, college (in Chemistry & Business), and graduate school (MBA). Wait – I did get one A-. Dang you, Sociology 101!

I’m smart for another reason. For an important secret I learned at a very young age. One I used in school, college, corporate life, and now more than ever – in my own business.

Have you ever heard this saying?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

I think Jim Rohn is the originator, and I hear it all the time because of a daily podcast by John Lee Dumas, but it is totally my secret.

You become who you hang around. For better or for worse…

So how does this secret apply to social media for your school?

Well, if you handle social media for your school, you may feel like you are on a deserted island. Let’s face it – when you start talking about Facebook algorithm, reach, and Twitter impressions – your co-workers’ eyes glaze over, and they look at you like you’re talking another language.

Start talking about submitting photos or social media policy – and I bet they run away!

Well, let me introduce you to people just like you. A virtual event designed just for you. An event so important that it will dramatically impact your success next year with social media!


Register Now!

It’s time to connect with the most influential social media leaders for schools. We’ve teamed up with the best to deliver training on the topics you need help with! Each one-hour session will feature 30 minutes of presentation time followed by 30 minutes of Q&A inside of Facebook Live.

Check out our presenters:

1st Annual Social Media Summer Camp


Joe Sanfelilppo, PhD
Superintendent, Fall Creek School District, WI


Besides making the #GoCrickets a mighty force in the world of school mascots, Dr. Sanfelippo has co-authored three books including The Power of Branding: Telling Your School’s Story.

Lesley Bruinton, APR
Public Relations Coordinator, Tuscaloosa City Schools, AL


Bruinton, with more than 15 years experience in television journalism and public relations, has had her work recognized at the state, regional and national levels.

Shane Haggerty
Director of Marketing & Technology, Tolles Career and Technical Center, OH


Shane is an award-winning school communications leader and has presented across the country on topics that include social media, marketing, digital citizenship and much more.

Carla Pereira, APR
Manager of Communications, Peel District School Board, Canada


In managing communications for a school district of over 150,000 students, Carla received a National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) Front-Runner Award for being an emerging leader in school PR.

Kristin Magette, APR
Director of Communications | Eudora Schools, KS


Kristin is in her eleventh year as director of communications, is currently past president of the Kansas School Public Relations Association and is the author of the book Embracing Social Media: A Practical Guide to Manage Risk and Leverage Opportunity.

Andrea Gribble
Owner and CEO | #SocialSchool4EDU

I’m your host! I founded #SocialSchool4EDU back in 2014. It was built on a passion to celebrate students and connect communities. My team manages social media for more than 30 districts and has trained over 500 schools across the country.


If FOMO (fear of missing out) has not taken over yet, then you don’t understand the magnitude of these speakers! They are the go-to leaders in social media to find out best practices, tips, strategies for growth, and just the best inspiration a person could ask for.

For just $197 (and only $147 until May 20th), you can take part in this virtual day of training. Beyond just the presentations and the live Q&A, we will have a guidebook to walk you through taking notes during the various topics. This is a “get training and feel ready to take action for your school” kind of day!

We are connecting on Wednesday, July 26th, from 11:00am – 5:00pm EST. Every presentation and Q&A session will be recorded and sent out to registered campers. I realize this is summer vacation, but I can guarantee this is one day you won’t mind dedicating to your work. It will pay you back the entire year with peace of mind, powerful connections and helpful resources.

And if you can only tune in for a few live sessions, you can catch them all via the recordings.

It’s a well-known secret. You have to hang around awesome people. And in professional development for social media – this is the best there is.

When you register, you can pay through credit card or PayPal. It’s worth it on your own, but some of you may even get reimbursed from your school. Here is a printable PDF form if you need it. You can also grab even more information at camp.socialschool4edu.com.

Your students and staff deserve to be celebrated in a bigger way next year! This small investment could yield incredible returns for your school, and I can’t wait to meet you inside Social Media Camp. Grab your spot now!


Have more questions? I’ll be on Facebook Live on Tuesday, May 16th and Thursday, May 18th at noon EST to answer questions. Find me on Facebook here.




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Social Media - Making it Visual in Your School

Social Media – Making it Visual in Your School

Social media is powerful. Not only can your school tell your story, but your entire school body can as well.

How do you get everyone involved? A customized hashtag of course! Your school hashtag allows everyone to be a news reporter for the awesome things going on in your school. If you need help coming up with one, or understanding why you need one, check out one of these articles:

So once you have a great hashtag, how can you make the story that is being told more visual? Sure, it shows up in a person’s newsfeed. But your school’s photos, videos and updates deserve to be on a billboard. How can you make that happen?

Well, I don’t try to figure these things out on my own. I go to the schools who are doing it right and then I share those tips and tricks with you!

Three years ago, I got started on my journey in helping schools with social media with a very important visit. One that took me just 40 miles from my small Wisconsin town to Fall Creek, population 1,322.

That small, and they are telling a big story? Yes – and you can too!

Dr. Joe Sanfelippo (@joesanfelippofc) shared so much with me that day and has continued to mentor me through the power of channels like Instagram and Twitter. You can even have him come to your school to speak (learn more at jsanfelippo.com). I’m such a superfan/nerd… Check out this classic photo I took during that first meeting!

Andrea Gribble and Dr. Joe Sanfelippo

Now, I could honestly write about them every week, but today I am going to share the details with how they take their #GoCrickets story and put it on the big screen in their school.

Their small district has a total of eight screens throughout their K-12 building. Students, staff and visitors get to experience all of the awesome things happening in their school just by walking by!

They actually choose to split up their displays. With eight screens total, here is the breakdown:

2 – Twitter Feed and Announcements
2 – TweetBeam
2 – Videos
2 – Flickr

So of these eight displays, six of them are real time. How do they do this? Let me try to explain.

Rise Vision
Rise Vision is the software that is used to link up the displays at one central location. They can select what should be displayed on each screen. There is a free version, and you can also select plans including storage that start at $10 per month.

On the TV monitors, they use a Chrome Bit to broadcast on the screen as if it was a computer monitor. Here is an affordable option on Amazon, ASUS CHROMEBIT CS10 Stick, but you can talk to your IT team to make sure you get what you need.

Social Media - Making it Visual in Your School

As you can see, they display the weather, major announcements, and the Twitter feed.

TweetBeam is a great way to showcase all of the tweets using your hashtag. It is an interactive experience. If you create a tweet with the hashtag while you are in front of the display, you see your tweet pop up!

Social Media - Making it Visual in Your School

The cost for TweetBeam for your school is $999 for a year, although Joe thought he might have paid $250. You’ll have to see if you can work out a good deal if he did pay that 🙂 I’d say mention #GoCrickets!

In talking with Joe about how they run this display, they actually run it by having an iPad connected to the Apple TV. They are air played to display on them. This works, but is risky. The iPads can run out of power and faulty connection can take place. They will likely be changing this over to run through Rise Vision as well.

OK, this one doesn’t need explanation. Grab those great videos, save them onto a USB, and plug them into the TV monitor. You can hit the loop option, and you are good to go!

This is the one option that is not realtime.

You will obviously need to find the right volume level to use. You may even choose to have them on mute (depending on the content shared).

In the elementary wings, FlickR is the content shared. They found that the elementary students just want to see photos of themselves. They don’t care for the text so much – they want to see photos of themselves!

FlickR is a great way to store and share photos. If you are looking for a way to organize all the pictures from your school, this might be the best option.

There you have it! I hope that provides some help in making visual displays work in your school. If you still have questions, comment below.

And if you never want to miss an update, make sure you are on our newsletter list. We share the best tips, tricks and stories on social media for schools.

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5 Tips to Save you Time

5 Tips to Save you Time

5 Tips to Save you TimeWhat’s the number one issue in managing social media for your school?

If you said time, you are not alone.

Time – there just isn’t enough of it.

And we may think we are Superman or Wonder Woman (like I did back when I was 4)…

But we’re not.

So what are my top 5 time saving tricks?

  1. Pick One Platform

    Stop trying to do it all. “Jack of all trades, master of none” is not a good thing. It is OK to select one platform and rock that for your school. If you have to choose one, pick Facebook. And if you feel like you have struck a plateau with your fans, check out this blog for my best secret: One Habit to Increase Facebook Fans.

  2. One Habit to Increase Facebook Fans

  3. Use Canva

    Social media is visual. Every post must have an image. Now with that being said, we don’t always have a photograph to use. So if you’re like me, and not very gifted when it comes to graphic design, please meet Canva.

    Check it out – and – you’re welcome!

    I’ve even got a bunch of graphics that are all ready to use for your school. Check out this blog post: Graphics Checklist: 40 Useful Image for Schools.

  4. Schedule Posts

    Do you know that some of the best times to post are at 6 am in the morning and 7 pm at night? It’s true. We’ve managed over 30 different school district accounts.

    Well, I’m betting that you aren’t working at those time. So schedule the posts out to post at a later date. Facebook makes it easy to do it right inside the platform, and for Twitter and others you can use Hootsuite or Buffer.

  5. 5 Tips to Save you Time

  6. Share Other Content

    5 Tips to Save you TimeYou may be the one managing your school or district, but you aren’t the only story teller. You can grab posts from others and share them to your page. I do this most efficiently through searching for the school hashtag, creating Twitter Lists and using the Pages Feed on Facebook.

    Searching the hashtag is easy, especially in Twitter and Instagram. These images, videos or stories become great content for you to use on your school pages. You can even give a “thanks” to the contributor. They will be thrilled to see their content shared (but check the student “do not post” list first).

    Twitter lists are easy to set up. When you are on a person or organization that you want to follow, just hit the gear icon under the cover image. You can select “add/remove from lists” and put them on a list created for your school. As you build up people on this list, you will have a library of people who regularly tweet about your school. Hitting that retweet button has never been easier.

    And the Facebook pages feed is underutilized by many schools I talk to. If you have classroom pages, organizations or sports teams running Facebook accounts, you can follow them as your school account. Reviewing and sharing those posts is easy. You won’t get as good of organic reach with those shared posts, but it still helps get great information out to your school – and it’s easy!

  7. 5 Tips to Save you Time

  8. Stay Connected

    Social media is always changing. As in daily updates to the platforms we know and love. So how do you keep up with it all and how it impacts your school? Well, you sign up for my weekly newsletter. It is THE place for tips, tricks, challenges, new apps, stories from other schools and upcoming events that will help your school tell its story with social media. Sign up now.

    So, how else can you save time? Learn directly from others walking in your shoes!

    View our FREE webinar featuring my friend Brian Nicol – the one and only Communications & Development Coordinator from Howard-Suamico in Wisconsin. Talk about trying to get a lot done – he is a one-person school PR department for a district of over 6,000.

    You’ll be able to grab the proven secrets behind making social media work for your school, even if you’re doing it all alone! Brian will breakdown the goals of their district’s approach, share 10 key tips to making it work, and more in this 60 minute webinar. View the webinar here!

Social Media Success in a One-Person School PR Shop Webinar Recording


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#SocialSchool4EDU Expanding Staff to Serve Growing School Partners

#SocialSchool4EDU Expanding Staff to Serve Growing School Partners

Woodbury, MN – What started as a special project with her daughter’s school district in little New Auburn, WI has grown exponentially into a full time business for Andrea Gribble.

“I love social media,” Gribble shared. “I was helping businesses use social media for marketing when Brian Henning, then District Administrator for New Auburn School District, asked for help to launch and manage Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the school. It was so fun, because it wasn’t really like marketing. It was just story telling – a chance to share all of the incredible things that were happening inside of our small school.”

Andrea GribbleAfter the successful launch in April of 2014 with that one district, Gribble found out other schools needed help. Fast forward three years and her company, #SocialSchool4EDU, has now directly served over 30 school districts in four different states. She’s also offered training to more than 500 districts across North America.

And there is no sign of slowing down. Her business tripled in it’s second year, doubled in it’s third year, and is projected to double yet again in 2017. In addition to her paid services, she blogs and shares free webinars on a regular basis to help other schools.

“Our team feels so blessed to be able to do what we do, as a partner with these schools,” stated Gribble. “In a time where school choice is a reality, schools need to be more deliberate about shouting out their successes. As we’ve grown, so has our team, and now is the time to take our service to the next level.”

Her team is made up of over a dozen subcontracted women, most of whom are college educated, stay at home moms. Many are former teachers. The experienced team has crafted their work on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to provide excellent graphic design support, 365 day per year service, and peace of mind to school partners.

A few schools even have their posts go up in both English and Spanish. The affordable service (management starts at less than $600 per month) is the perfect fit for districts with no communications department.

To continue to support and grow the business, their is a new leader being added to the team. Gribble has partnered with Heidi Feller, who will act as the company’s CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer. She will be in charge of customer service with our partner schools as well as team development of our growing base of account managers.

#SocialSchool4EDU - Heidi FellerHeidi is passionate about the world of education as it relates to social media. A former high school German teacher, Heidi comes from a LONG line of educators. She earned a B.S. in Secondary Education from U.W. Madison (go Badgers).

Feller was a one-woman communications team for her kids’ district, which included launching a Facebook page, adding more than 2000 page likes in less than one year! She knows the power that social media can have on our schools and can’t wait to share it with your district. Heidi’s impressive work was recently highlighted in a feature here on our blog on the Reedsburg School District in Wisconsin. She is finishing up the school year serving the district in her part time role, but will start with the team at #SocialSchool4EDU in May.

“I am beyond pumped to join this team!” Feller shared. “Andrea has a proven system to help schools celebrate their students and staff and help build engagement within the communities they serve. I am excited to take all that I have learned and apply it to other schools. Our teachers and students knock their socks off learning and growing each school day and the world needs to know it! Andrea’s team, of which I am honored to be part of, is second to none.”

School District of Reedsburg - Feature My SchoolThe challenging part of this transition for Heidi is that she is leaving the Reedsburg School District. “Reedsburg is my home,” Feller explained. “ My husband and I have raised our children here. From the moment we dropped our daughter off twelve years ago for her first day of school, I have been involved in some aspect of our district. The list includes volunteer, PTO president, substitute teacher, volunteer coordinator and most recently, website and social media coordinator. I BELIEVE in what these people do, day in and day out, to educate our community’s children. I am grateful for the opportunities to learn and grow. I can’t wait to take these experiences to my next job as CIO of #SocialSchool4EDU but my heart will always beat with a little #ReedsburgPride.”

That’s great, because we become passionate for all of the schools we serve, either directly or indirectly. Heidi is focused on continuing to help schools utilize these powerful platforms to connect to their community.

“The numbers don’t lie,” Feller stated. “As a nation, we are on social media all day long. We use it to share the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. Using social media to tell your school’s story puts you front and center in the lives of your students and their families. We have the opportunity to be a force for good in the world by celebrating our schools. The connections and relationships built by using social media to inform, entertain and exalt are real and lasting.”

For more information, visit www.socialschool4edu.com.


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Feature My School: Orange County Public Schools

Feature My School: Orange County Public Schools


So what is it like to have over 25,000 fans on your school district’s Facebook page?

I can’t answer that, so I reached out to someone who can!

Sarah Au, Social Media Manager at Orange County Public Schools in Florida recently shared the ins and outs of their well-established strategy for using platforms like Facebook and Twitter in their district.

If your school is still wondering why they should designate a person or partner like #SocialSchool4EDU to focus on just social media, then this story will help provide answers!

Facebook Logo Twitter Logo Youtube Logo


When did your school district school start using social media?
Orange County Public Schools has been using social media since approximately 2009. It has always been in the purview of the Public Relations department, but a reorganization of that department took place this summer. The Media Relations department was split off into it’s own and the Manager for Social Media position was created. This is the first time social media has been the major focus of any one position, and we are seeing the results of this focus.

What strategies do you use to gather content for your social media channels?
Any and all right now. We actively solicit ideas, events and photos from our 186 schools, scan their e-newsletters, share good news items from our traditional media outlets, and enterprise our own.

We go live on Facebook for event-type announcements. We’ve even just experienced the public (parents and volunteers) sending us some photos or videos because they want to be featured or want to share the great things their school is doing. We’ve found great success sharing graphics about simple things like our calendar changes. We remind parents when there’s a student holiday coming up and they share with their friends like crazy. Content like that is already there, we just have to package it up in a nice, easy-to-read, shareable graphic and then we can reap the benefits.

Feature My School: Orange County Public Schools


Feature My School: Orange County Public SchoolsAdditionally, we’ve started a weekly Facebook campaign called #WhatITaughtToday. This puts the spotlight on a teacher and brings our community into their classroom for a “sneak peek.” The goal is to highlight our stellar teachers and to make the connection between what happens at school and what is shared at home. We know that children don’t always answer their parents when asked “What did you learn today?”

You had an amazing Harry Potter event. Share with us the details behind it all.
One of our high schools has a Harry Potter Club and they, along with many of the school’s departments, hosted a little party to celebrate the opening of the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie. Teachers, students, business partners and many others all worked together to transfigure their media center into Harry Potter World. Engineering students made all the moving parts for a Patronus and Dementors, TV Production students created moving portraits for the halls, TCHS’ CFE Federal Credit Union branch had a Gringotts table, and more. Five hundred students were given a scroll-like invitation to attend.

We invited the traditional news media, but they were not able to make it. No problem! We covered it ourselves! I attended the 2-hour event and took video and photos, interviewing some of the teachers and students. All of this was done on the district’s iPad. I then used iMovie to create a short video (similar to a nat sound package done by a news station) and posted it, along with a description and a tag to the school and the business partners.

Total social media metrics: 44,724 People Reached 14,857 Video Views 1,362 Reactions, Comments & Shares 4,670 Post Clicks 163 Shares 59 Comments.

What impact did this event have in the school and community?
This post not only engaged parents, teachers, community and general Harry Potter fans, it also engaged graduates who were just a few years out of this school (and who were a little jealous of this project). The 59 comments were terrific. Aside from some recent grads who were a little jealous, we had many substantive positive reactions, including many that tagged other people. Some of the best comments include:

“A perfect way to promote a variety of students’ talents, showcase their learning, and involve the school as a whole. Oh, and demonstrate the dedication from the TEACHERS who guided their students to apply practical knowledge. Fantastic!!”

“Wow – bravo to the administration for encouraging such creativity and cooperation…”

How have you encouraged your staff to use social media in their classrooms?
Our district is moving in many directions towards social media usage. I’m in charge of the community/parent outreach via social media, and the district’s Digital Learning team is in charge of supporting teachers and others in utilizing social media for engagement with students.

That said, they have encouraged all media centers to start Instagram accounts for promoting reading initiatives, and they are working with many teachers who use Edmodo for their classes. They are supporting teachers who enhance classroom learning with social media and such things as games/prizes that are announced on Twitter. For example, there is a teacher at one of our high schools who posts a math problem each week on social media, the answer to which will open the “prize locker” at school.

Feature My School: Orange County Public Schools

What advice do you have for other schools using social media?
I talk with many who are a little hesitant, and I just say, “Go for it!” The benefits are real, and parents and most communities are hungry for great news about their schools and their students.

Social media can be a fun way to relate to the community, sharing good news stories, highlighting fabulous teachers and helping parents with pertinent information. It’s also, of course, a serious way to connect with parents and the community about issues of importance and during emergencies.

Building trust and rapport is essential, and your school or district’s social media presence can do just that. There’s always so much to share that goes beyond any headlines by a newspaper or TV station. Only you can tell your story, and you need to shout it from the rooftops!


100 Ideas for School Social MediaAmazing ideas, Sarah! How incredible. Your passion and creativity are shining through in your role.

Make sure you never miss the great ideas shared here by #SocialSchool4EDU. Our best content is delivered free each week in our newsletter. Sign up now and receive 100 more ideas on great things to share on your school’s social media pages.



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How to Add Closed Captions to your Facebook Videos

How to Add Closed Captions to your Facebook Videos

How often do you watch videos on Facebook without the sound?

I do it ALL THE TIME! Maybe I’m being a little to transparent, but let me share.

If I’m in bed surfing Facebook, and I can’t wake or bother my husband with the sound – I will watch in silence.

Or if I’m in the grocery store line – I’m not going to blast out a video for everyone around me to hear.

Or it’s halftime at my girl’s basketball game – I might take a quick scroll through my newsfeed but won’t hit sound.

Can you relate?

So, if you truly reflect on how often you listen without sound, you won’t be surprised to learn that 85% of video views happen with the sound off, according to multiple publishers of Facebook content.

So why would your school videos be any different?

Closed captioning helps viewers “listen” to your video without the sound. And now with digital ADA compliance considerations, it’s going to be a must for your school to include. Lucky for us Facebook page owners, we can now add closed captions right through Facebook!

The first step is to upload your video. Whether you do a recorded video or broadcast it live, once it is in your timeline, you can go into edit mode.

How to Add Closed Captions to your Facebook Videos

How to Add Closed Captions to your Facebook Videos

Once you are in the editing mode, the first screen that pops up will be “Basic.” You need to scroll over to “Captions.” You could upload an SRT file that you had generated in another program like Rev.com, but now they have added this cool magic wand called “Generate.”

How to Add Closed Captions to your Facebook Videos

Within a few seconds, the text to go along with your video pops up! Now – the transcription isn’t perfect. (And it really emphasizes how often I say “um.”) But it is easy to edit, section by section.

How to Add Closed Captions to your Facebook Videos

The longer the video, the longer it will take you to edit the captions. Another reason to use short videos!

So what are you waiting for? Go back into your videos on your Facebook page and try it! I want to hear about how easy it is to do. Shout it out below!

100 Ideas for School Social MediaAnd if you LOVE getting great tips about social media for your school, then jump on my mailing list. I share my best content with my loyal followers (over 2,000 across North America). So sign up now and grab 100 ideas for social media posts for your school.


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Grab Followers the Moment They Enter Your School!

Grab Followers the Moment They Enter Your School!

Does every person that walks into your school realize that you are on social media?

They do now at our partner schools!

Check out these awesome, weatherable stickers that we had made through a local sign provider. We chose to highlight the school hashtag, along with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles.

Grab Followers the Moment They Enter Your School!

Each sign was under $20 and we purchased them at our local Fast Signs franchise. We provided the school logo, hashtag and handles – and they did the rest. If you don’t have one locally, you can sure give our provider a call or e-mail!

Fast Signs
3270 W. County Road 42
Burnsville, MN 55337

Grab Followers the Moment They Enter Your School!Our signs are 14” x 14”. I think they are perfect, but you could feel free to go a bit larger if you want.

First we had to approve a proof, and then within a week, we had them ready to ship out!

My one goof up is that I sent them out in January. I wanted to send a special gift to our schools with a message of “It’s going to be a great year in social media!” The thing is, the signs need to be installed when it is over 40 degrees. All of the schools I serve right now are in cold winter climates…

But, the spring weather is here – and don’t they look wonderful? Just in time for spring music programs, award banquets, and graduation!

Grab Followers the Moment They Enter Your School!

Grabbing more fans on your social media channels might be easier than you think. It’s great to think offline – you don’t need to do all of your promotion online…

So how are you promoting social media offline? I want to hear about it. Share below!


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#SocialSchool4EDU Facebook 2017: What’s New for Schools

Facebook 2017: What’s New for Schools


Facebook makes updates ALL THE TIME!

I just talked with a school who didn’t realize you could disable reviews on your school page. (If you didn’t know that, it’s easy to do in settings on the general tab.)

How do you keep up with it all when social media is just part of your job?

Well, my best advice is to tune into great content here at #SocialSchool4EDU!

You also learn from free webinars and great blog posts from other sources dedicated to serving schools.

I recently partnered up with the team at Campus Suite to deliver a power-packed webinar talking about Facebook and what is new in 2017.

You can grab the webinar for free at this link: Facebook 2017: What’s New for Schools.

#SocialSchool4EDU Facebook 2017: What’s New for SchoolsThe attendees who joined live asked many questions during the presentation. We took the time to answer all of them here “Q & A: Facebook 2017 Schools Webinar.”



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School District of Reedsburg - Feature My School

School District of Reedsburg – Feature My School


A school with great tradition, wonderful staff, and a supportive community. What more could you ask for?

Well, a year ago, the School District of Reedsburg wanted to “up” their game. They decided to make social media a big part of their communication strategy.

And it has transformed things – to a whole new level of awesome!

Reedsburg is a district of about 2,600 students. They work hard to keep class sizes small, giving students the personal attention that is so critical.

Their mission? To prepare their students for the future, instill a sense of respect and a passion for learning. I can now see firsthand how they are doing just that. Social media has given the world a window to look through.

Recently, Heidi Feller, Website and Social Media Coordinator for the School District of Reedsburg, took some time to talk about their social media journey.

Facebook Logo Twitter Logo


When did the school start using social media?
The district’s “official” Facebook page launched in April of 2016, with the help of Andrea Gribble from #SocialSchool4EDU. We hosted a kick-off event where Andrea explained the ins and outs of social media and encouraged our staff to jump on board to help tell our story to the world. This was a logical next step for us, as we had just completed a new branding and logo project, as well as a complete overhaul of our website. While this was a district-wide approach, there were pockets of social media posting already happening in classrooms and schools, especially at our high school, which uses Twitter to communicate with students and teachers.

Our page was an instant hit, a clear indicator that our families and community wanted to hear and see the great things happening in the School District of Reedsburg. Now, almost a year into Facebook we have over 2,000 page likes and it’s growing every day!

School District of Reedsburg - Feature My School

What strategies do you use to gather content for your social media channels?
As a former teacher, substitute and volunteer coordinator for the district, I make it my business to be “nosy.” I pride myself on ferreting out a story that crosses my desk. The personal relationships I have with staff, administrators and students is integral to my job. What they do is amazing, and I am honored to tell the world how great they are!

We have a social media email that staff use to send photos, stories and other ideas. I follow various teacher Facebook pages and closed groups. When I see something cool (which I do on a daily basis – our teachers do an EXCELLENT job of using Facebook to communicate with families), I will send an email to that teacher asking for more information.

School District of Reedsburg - Feature My School Visiting schools on a regular basis helps me stay in touch with what is happening. TweetDeck is a great resource. Mine is always up during the school day and I also refer to it when looking for a great post. The Tweet of the Week is something I am experimenting with this spring. I use a great Tweet as a Facebook post and then encourage readers to follow that particular person by including their Twitter handle. Sometimes a simple email to a teacher telling them what a great job they are doing is all it takes to “win” them over to social media. Teachers have a difficult time tooting their own horns. A nudge in the right direction helps them feel pride!

 School District of Reedsburg - Feature My SchoolYour page following grew extremely fast. Why do you think this happened?
The growth of the page is directly related to the support our community shows for the great work our teachers do! Some great posts provided by staff really did the trick as well. Unfortunately, a few serious events also added to the page likes. Clearly, a growing number of parents look to social media for event updates, reminders, and news.

Using a platform such as Facebook has had a huge impact on the number of page likes. Our staff has done an amazing job of getting the word out by liking the page themselves and then liking and sharing their colleagues posts. To showcase what a true community we live in, check out this post about one of our teacher’s having a baby!

I love the #FirstFridayFunday campaign! Describe how it works.
This fall, we launched a #FirstFridayFunday for our staff. For the second year in a row, each staff member received a district t-shirt that proudly displays our logo on the front and our district hashtag (#ReedsburgPride) on the back. On the first Friday of each month, we encourage ALL staff to wear their t-shirt, then take selfies with fellow staff members and students. We post them to our Facebook page all day long. Those with Twitter accounts also Tweet photos.

It has been great to see our staff having fun with each other and students. The community loves to see this fun-loving, personal side of our teachers. Students are showing our teachers some tips and pointers on taking the best selfie. All in all, it has been a great team building activity! We’ve even tweaked the day a bit to reflect Veteran’s Day and a Packer Pride Day.

 School District of Reedsburg - Feature My School

What impact has social media made on the school and in the community?
Trust and communication have grown. More parents look to our page for news and information, which helps us reach them when something serious happens. The bonus is that many times they like our page, which helps us share the amazing things happening on a daily basis. Our page is probably too young to make conclusions, but we are excited to see what the future brings.

It’s not always easy. What have been some struggles that you have faced?
The biggest struggle seems to be keeping the playing field equal. We have five elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. At any given moment, there are a million cool things we could report about in each of those buildings. I would post twenty times a day if I thought that was a good idea. I know it isn’t; there is a limit. Picking and choosing is SO difficult!

What advice do you have for other schools using social media?
Jump in slowly. Take your time. Hone your craft. Most importantly, get out there and get the story! Personal interaction is key!


Wowzers! That is one powerful story. Thanks so much to Heidi for sharing the journey that she’s been on with Reedsburg.

If you are looking for help in getting launched on social media, or maybe just redirected a bit with your strategy, contact #SocialSchool4EDU for help. A one-day working session is affordable, fun, and you’ll know that you are on the pathway to success!


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