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What to Post When You’re Short on Content

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What to Post When You’re Short on Content

What to Post When You’re Short on Content

So you run your school’s social media accounts. This is great when you have stories and photos to share, but what about when nothing is coming in?

Winter break happens to be upon us, but we can’t completely disappear from social media. Our algorithms might suffer! The goal should be at least one post a day.

Amanda, one of our School Account Managers from #SocialSchool4EDU, came up with this helpful list:

  • Post a “Best of” series and re-post the best posts from the year – the posts that reached the most people or received the greatest comments.
  • Pull content from other FB/Twitter feeds associated with your schools.
  • Look up “on this day” in history
  • Look for holidays…like national pizza day, etc…(Bonus add a TBT photo with it).
  • Promote Instagram
  • What to Post When You’re Short on Content

  • Promote Twitter
  • Promote Youtube
  • Use TBT photos and ask a question
  • #MotivationalMonday
  • What to Post When You’re Short on Content

  • #ThoughtfulTuesday
  • #TriviaTuesday – Ask question about district
  • #WellnessWednesday – Share favorite physical activity
  • #WisdomWednesday – Share your best advice
  • #TBT #ThrowbackThursday
  • #ThankfulThursday – What teacher are you most thankful for
  • #FlashbackFriday
  • Random Alumni Roll Call
  • What to Post When You’re Short on Content

  • Pull content from district website
  • Share link to school store if they have one
  • Share the district mission statement…a reminder of what we are all about…

Do you have more ideas? Share them with a comment below.

And of course, you should be reminding your staff to submit content. I have found the best way to get them to participate is share some of the metrics behind the social media reach. If they realize that the short video from the Chemistry class reached over 2,000 people, they might take the time to submit the cool activity they are doing in their classroom.

And if your staff just struggles with ideas of what to submit, this list of 100 ideas will surely help!

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Andrea Gribble is passionate about celebrating students and connecting communities. She runs #SocialSchool4EDU, a company that partners with schools across the country to manage social media. Andrea and her team manage social media for more than 35 districts across the country and has trained over 500 schools. Andrea holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and is a frequent speaker at educational conferences on the topic of social media.

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December 19, 2017at 1:20 pm

Recruit families to post a couple of times on their brain activities outside of school.

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