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#SocialSchool4EDU is committed to being your go-to resource on the topic of social media for your school. Check out this list of free webinars & guides!



Using Social Media to Recruit Teachers & Support Staff
It’s a competitive market – and your school wants the best teaching and support staff for your students. In this webinar, Andrea breaks down the latest strategies for using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to share openings for your school.

Twitter 101 for Teachers WebinarTwitter 101 for Teachers
Twitter can transform a teacher’s professional career. In this 60 minute webinar, Kaye will talk about why educators should join Twitter, how to get started, and tips on making the most out of your time on the platform. If you are a teacher who wants to get started on Twitter, but don’t know where to start, this webinar is for you!

Webinar - From Dissolution to Resurrection: The REAL Story of the School District of Florence CountyFrom Dissolution to Resurrection: The REAL Story of the School District of Florence County
On the verge of dissolution, hear the story of a school district in Wisconsin and what they did to turn around the fate of their school. You will hear how they rebuilt trust in their community, established community engagement, and ultimately won a facilities referendum that saved their district.

School Communications: How a Designated Position Impacts You DistrictGo Public! Using Social Media to Support & Celebrate Our Public Schools
Our public schools are under fire, but we can change the narrative! Join in this webinar event to learn about building advocacy to support our public schools. It is easier than you think! Heather will guide us through the basics of using social media to make a difference that impacts legislation.


School Communications: How a Designated Position Impacts You DistrictSchool Communications: How a Designated Position Impacts You District
Communications is a challenge for every school. This 60-minute webinar focuses on the real results of a small district (700 students) in Wisconsin. We will cover the improvement they have had in information dissemination, community engagement and public relations since adding a designated communications role.


How to use Content to Drive Engagement in your DistrictHow to use Content to Drive Engagement in your District
You don’t want to miss this webinar! Jason will cover some advanced strategies, including: What is content marketing and why is it So important; How to build audience personas; How to build your content marketing base to launch your campaigns.


Levies & Communication For SchoolsLevies & Communication for Schools – How Social Media Fits In
Referendums, levies, bonds – whatever you call them in your state, social media can play a pivotal role! In this 60 minute webinar, Joel & Carole will share their firsthand experience from the last 30 years with your school. They will share tips and strategies to help your school successfully manage a ballot question.


Social Media 101Social Media 101
Getting the basics right is CRITICAL to the success of using social media to tell your school’s story. Whether you are new to school PR or are a veteran, this will be worth your time!


School Communication: What Really Works in 2017?School Communications: What Really Works in 2017
The digital age has transformed the way people communicate. Is your school keeping up? During this 60-minute free webinar, Dane will share the data supporting changes you need to make at your school. You will find out how to identify where you need to be to truly engage your stakeholders.


Easy Ways to Boost Social Media This School YearEasy Ways to Boost Social Media This School Year
Excitement is at its peak! Make social media a HUGE part of your back to school efforts with our proven strategies. You’ll enjoy higher engagement and better communication throughout the school year!


Apps to Make Social Media Easier Webinar RecordingApps to Make Social Media Easier Next School Year
Andrea will walk through her favorite time-saving apps for your school. We’ll showcase several examples of how you can use them to maximize the engagement of your community.


Social Media for Summer Webinar Recording Social Media for Summer: Easy Tips for Schools
You’ve worked all year long to grow your social media following for your school. With summer break upon us, what should we post now? Andrea will guide you through easy tips, tricks and strategies to keep things going strong this summer. Take the stress away with these easy to implement ideas!


Social Media Success in a One-Person School PR Shop Webinar RecordingSocial Media Success in a One-Person School PR Shop
Grab the proven secrets behind making social media work for your school, even if you’re doing it all alone! Brian will breakdown the goals of their district’s approach, share 10 key tips to making it work, and more in this 60 minute webinar.


Social Schools for Communication, Teaching & LearningSocial Schools for Communication, Teaching & Learning
During this 1 hour event, Kristin Magette, APR will share how to set the foundation for social media success. You will discover the simple secrets behind a social-friendly school system.


Facebook 2017: What's New For SchoolsFacebook 2017: What’s New for Schools
Get up to date with insights into using Facebook, including video and live broadcast, and how to take advantage of Facebook’s new algorithm that controls who sees what. This webinar will equip you to better understand and use Facebook to help you get your content in front of parents, media and your entire school community. Andrea Gribble Teams up with Campus Suite in presentation of this webinar.


Creating an Army of TweetchersCreating an Army of Tweetchers
Grab a blueprint for growing the use of Twitter at your school! Identify & neutralize the 3 fears with social media, get your principals to lead the effort, and let video take you to the next level.


Time Saving Hacks for Social MediaTime-Saving Hacks
17 tips to save you time in managing social media for your school. You will learn how to maximize your time, batch content, stay organized and create great graphics to increase your reach!


How to Measure Social Media for My SchoolCreating Social Media Report Cards
How to measure social media activity for your school. We know what gets measured, gets done. Make sure your school realizes the importance of social media by creating a report card showing the important stats!


12 Tips to Instantly Create Better VideosVideo Tips
Featured presenter Jake Sturgis will give you the information and confidence you need to start creating professional looking videos for your district. Learn the elements of a great video story, how to compose shots, record high-quality audio, edit quickly and professionally, and use social media to increase viewership.


Visual Storytelling Through Social MediaVisual Story Telling
Social media is all about great images. This webinar shares actionable tips on how to create photos that tell a story for your school. You’ll learn the elements of great photography using the tools you have, all from a professional photographer and an experienced photojournalist, both turned school communicators.


#Snapchat4SchoolsHow to Use Snapchat for Your School
Students are hanging out on Snapchat, but how can schools get involved? This free, 60 minute webinar will go in depth with Shane Haggerty from Tolles Career & Technical Center in Plain City, OH. He’ll share how they launched, why students are paying attention, and his best advice for other schools wanting to jump in. It’s not as scary as you think!


Instagram for Schools - Beyond the BasicsInstagram for Schools: Beyond the Basics
Instagram is THE place to be for students in grades 6-12! Your school may be posting a few pictures each week, but how can you take it to the next level? Our featured presenter will take us through PROVEN strategies that you can instantly put into practice at your school. Jenny DiBella will make it easy, and fun too!


Setting Up Facebook Pages for TeachersHow to set up Facebook Pages
Recommendations regarding how teachers set up Facebook and other accounts to communicate at school.


Back to School BoostBack to School Boost
Want to get your parents and staff excited about social media for the new school year? This free webinar covers 13 ideas to boost your social media efforts for your school!


Tips to Finish the Year Strong with Social Media10 Ways to Finish the Year Strong with Social Media
The end of the year is one of the most exciting times at your school. But it also can be draining, with so much to do. These 10 tips will help you wrap up the school year with a bang!


Social Media Kickoff VideoSocial Media Kickoff Video
Learn how social media can help your school! This professionally produced 6 minute video will help inspire your staff to use the powerful platform of social media. It breaks down the what, why and how of telling your schools story.




Broadcast LIVE – 30 Ideas for Facebook Live in Your School30 Ideas for Facebook LIVE
Want to go LIVE? We’ve got you covered! 30 Ideas for Facebook LIVE in Your School will have you and your fearless team streaming LIVE time and time again!


Facebook Live ChecklistFacebook Live Checklist
Scared to go LIVE? Don’t worry. #SocialSchool4EDU’s Guide to Facebook LIVE will have you and your team streaming LIVE, like a pro, in no time!


Ultimate Guide for Facebook for SchoolsThe New Ultimate Guide for Facebook
Learn how to improve communication using Facebook for your school. Andrea Gribble Teams up with Campus Suite in this ultimate Facebook guide.


Guide to Responding OnlineResponding to Negativity on Social Media
Seeing negative or false comments about our schools can be frustrating, but responding with another comment isn’t always the answer. Follow this guide to decide what to do next to best represent your school.


Social Media for AthletesSocial Media for Athletes
The Dos and Don’ts of being an athlete on social media.


100 Ideas for School Social Media100 Ideas for Social Media Posts
These suggestions can be done as photos, videos, collages, slideshows and more!


School Social Media ChecklistSocial Media Checklist
Use this checklist to ensure that you’re doing your best to make your school stand out on social media!


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