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Paul David - Communications Director, Waconia Public Schools“The team at SocialSchool4EDU immersed themselves into our culture and quickly became a vital part of our communications office. I appreciate the fact that it is not a “one size fits all” approach as they first seek to understand and then deploy. Andrea and her team of social media experts have definitely created a well oiled machine that produces results.”

~ Paul David
Communications Director, Waconia Public Schools


Greg Doverspike“I’m not a social media user, so I was worried about the negative aspects that would come with launching district pages. After ten months of talking through things with Andrea, we finally decided to get started. I couldn’t be more pleased with the response. Our community is engaged with what is happening at our schools, our students are being celebrated with thousands of people each week, and the team at #SocialSchool4EDU has provided excellent support. While I thought that adding another initiative within our district would cause more work for myself and our staff, it has done the opposite. Opening this new line of communication has helped the #DurandPanthers pride run even deeper.”

~ Greg Doverspike
District Administrator, School District of Durand


Northwood Evergreens Logo

Our district has been contemplating social media for a few years now. When #SocialSchool4EDU reached out, we were unsure of the impact they could truly have since they were not physically located within our four walls. It took a few meetings and about 6 months of consideration when we finally decided to make the investment and sign on with Andrea and her team. I could not be more pleased with the experience we have had and the positive impact our social media presence has had on our school. Our small district is consistently reaching thousands of people each week. Our incredible students and staff went head to head with larger districts and came up with a fun trophy that helped showcase our #NWEvergreens pride.

Andrea has also come in to provide an interactive talk on staying safe and kind online. I was impressed with the level of engagement that our students had with her, learning about how they are creating their “digital tattoo” with technology use. I think students from grades 4 to 12 need to hear her message and I would recommend teaming up with her to inspire the positive use of social media.

~ Jean Serum
District Administrator, Northwood School District


Katie Pritchett “Andrea was extremely helpful and patient with helping our school increase and improve our social media presence. We feel that Birchwood School is able to connect our students, staff and families with our community in new ways and we’re excited about our future growth and development!”


~ Katie Pritchett
High School English Teacher, Birchwood School


New Auburn LogoWorking with Andrea Gribble and #SocialSchool4EDU was the best decision we have made in New Auburn. Her expertise in the Social Media and Marketing area has had a profound effect on our district’s ability to connect with the public. Parents, community, students, staff, school board, and administration have embraced this wonderful tool for telling people about all the great things that go on in our school district. Andrea’s work has been instrumental in engaging our stakeholders improving the image of our school. In just a few short months marketing and media have become a part of our everyday business and I couldn’t imagine not utilizing their benefits to share about are school.”

~ Brian Henning, 
District Administrator, New Auburn and now Waterloo


Joe LeschisinI had a few reservations prior to launching our District’s Facebook page, but now wish that we would have started much earlier. Andrea and SocialSchool4EDU has been great to work with and is constantly working to make our social media experience better. As such, our community is staying connected with all of the great things happening within our schools.

~ Joe Leschisin
District Administrator, School District of Cameron


Dawn NordineAndrea is an engaging presenter. Her patience for all levels of learners is awesome. The “real life” examples and stories really provide a great background for learning.

~ Dawn Nordine
Executive Director, Wisconsin Virtual School


Shay JilekI am so excited to start implementing the tools and strategies that you spoke about in the CESA workshop! I will admit that I was humbled (no pun intended with the title of the workshop). As a former Marketing Manager at a large HVAC company, I thought I was up on all of the “tricks” of the social media trade. Your workshop gave me incite to a number of time saving and effective shortcuts. We will definitely be utilizing all of the social media applications combined with print media marketing efforts to promote our school district and communicate with the public to pass a referendum!

~ Shay Jilek
Administrative Support, Tomah Area School District


Josh RobinsonThanks to Andrea Gribble, the Frederic School District is touching the lives of those connected to our schools, in ways we’ve never been able to in the past. We have the ability to involve a segment of our stakeholders that is truly interested and committed to helping our schools serve its students and community at a high level. Andrea has worked with our staff to create meaningful engagement with those on social media, which is thousands. We can now tell our story around the world. We have placed our trust in Andrea Gribble, and she has proven to be an exceptional partner.

~ Josh Robinson
Superintendent – School District of Frederic


Northwood Evergreens Logo#SocialSchool4EDU is a great tool for sharing all the amazing things happening at Northwood. Andrea and her staff have helped us step into social media with confidence. Recently Andrea came and presented “Staying Safe & Kind Online” to our 5th-8th graders. She challenged them to always think #kindness when on social media. Thank you!

~ Tammie Denninger
Lead Teacher/Literacy Coach, Northwood School District


Jody BerhowThe training was exceptional, informational and gave me hands on opportunities to understand the ins and outs of social media. As the public relations director of my school, I gained so much knowledge on how to implement the tools to create wonderful technology spaces that would help build community and showcase the talents of students enrolled in any school.

Andrea Gribble, founder of SocialSchool4EDU and trainer, was professional and held a depth of expertise to easily communicate how powerful the tools we were learning for social media can be used to promote a school, enrich learning environments and connect with families. All in all, I found that using such tools gives a school a new and enriched branding tool to gain notice in its community and support for the families and children entrusted to them. Thank you Andrea for your expertise and engagement in bringing value to social media and its use in schools.”

~ Jody Berhow
Art Teacher & Public Relations, Winona Area Catholic Schools


Brad Werner

“You have given me in 4 hours the confidence to go forward and start to promote Luck through social media. Thank You!” 

~ Brad Werner

Principal, Luck School District


Matt Spets “#SocialSchool4EDU has worked wonders in the School District of Flambeau! I have not experienced as valuable of a return on investment from any other vendor or business partner in my entire career as an administrator. The attention to detail, heavy level of engagement, innovative ideas and constant professionalism that characterize SocialSchool4EDU and its work have set the bar extremely high in terms of public school marketing.”

~ Matt Spets
District Administrator, School District of Flambeau


Bill YingstWe weren’t exactly sure what #SocialSchool4EDU would do for our school initially. There were some concerns regarding privacy and wondering if we could adequately control the material posted on social media. Since we signed on with #SocialSchool4EDU we have found them to be easy to work with and they are continually monitoring our school social media sites. We have had very few issues and if any issue surfaced, Andrea and her team took care of it immediately. We have enjoyed the positive feedback while positively promoting the great accomplishments of our students and staff.

~ William Yingst
Superintendent, School District of Colfax


flambeau_district_logoAn active presence on social media has allowed our school to reach a large number of people in an efficient manner. We’re able to keep families and the community up to date on what’s going on in a way that meets their needs.

~ Dan Lathrop
7-12 Principal, School District of Flambeau


Here’s what those who have attended one of our training sessions had to say about their experience!


“This workshop made me excited to share our district’s story.”

“You know a lot of info and shared it well!”

“It is so nice to get NEW ideas and places to use and have someone there to walk us through.”

“I appreciated the “tips and tricks.” Social media is always changing and I need to too. This helped.”

“Great workshop. It gave me so many tools to be successful in taking over social media for the district.”

“Andrea did an excellent job providing practical and useful information that helped boost my confidence in using social media at my school.”

“I really enjoyed the many ideas and conversations about how to sell your school and share positive school occurrences.”

~ Comments From the Classroom
Various Classes/Workshops


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