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Virtual Camp

Grab your ticket to Social Media Summer Camp!

Social Media Summer Camp 2017 Recording

What is it? An opportunity to connect with the most influential social media leaders for schools. We have 5 speakers who deliver engaging presentations on topics relevant to K-12 schools using social media. The event includes:

  • 15 page workbook
  • 5 videos, 60 minutes each
  • 1 wrap up video, 17 minutes
  • Presentation slides for each speaker
  • Supporting policies & other resources to help your school tell its story!

The bad news? You missed the live Social Media Summer Camp event that happened on July 26, 2017.

The good news? You can listen to every single moment for $247.

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You can pay with credit card or Paypal to gain instant access. If you need your school to issue a check, simply e-mail me at andrea@socialschool4edu.com.

See What Attendees of This Year’s #SMSC17 Had to Say:

“Summer Camp gave me the opportunity to hear from five experts in the area of Social Media without leaving my office. No travel time, no travel expenses. What a great idea!” – Judith Saxton, Ph.D., APR – Mount Pleasant Independent School District, Texas

“The knowledge you can gain in one day can save you weeks worth of researching a topic on your own. There was never a dull moment. Being able to walk away with these flow charts, policies, and professional connections makes this event is worth every penny!” – Kasey Carter, Highland School District, Arkansas

The Speaker Line-up Looks Like This:

Social Media Summer Camp 2017 Speakers

Developing Social Media Superheroes in Your School
Dr. Joe Sanfelippo

Joe’s passion as a superintendent in a small district in Wisconsin will IGNITE your commitment to grow social media in your own school. He delivers dozens of ideas that have helped make the #GoCrickets hashtag famous!


Navigating Social Media in a Crisis
Lesley Bruinton, APR

Lesley has been through several crisis situations, starting with the tornadoes that ripped through Tuscaloosa back in 2011. She shares with complete truth and transparency how she utilized social media in her role with Tuscaloosa City Schools.


Pay to Play – Using Facebook Advertising To Expand Your Reach And Your Audience
Shane Haggerty

It’s getting more difficult to show up in the Facebook newsfeed. Shane Haggerty shares his expertise in using Facebook ads to increase enrollment and promote school election issues.


Guidelines for Staff – Social Media Use On And Off The Job
Carla Pereira, APR

Creating clear expectations for your staff regarding social media use is a must. Carla is going to break it down into easy, actionable steps for you at your school. If you have a few hundred staff – then consider your job pretty easy. Carla helps with communications with a staff of over 16,000 at 250 schools!


Leading Your School Community To Embrace Social Media
Kristin Magette, APR

Fear of social media is common, but there are practical steps that you can use to guide your school to accept it. For the best advice on this topic, I always go to my friend and mentor, Kristin Magette!


Who is this event for? Anyone inside of a school that wants to take their social media efforts to the next level. This could include teachers, superintendents, principals, communication professionals, public relations, secretaries, media specialists, IT personnel and more.

How is the information shared? You’ll receive an email with all of the recordings and resources for the event. You can share this with anyone inside of your school district – all for $247.
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More Feedback from Our “Happy Campers”


“SMSC was an incredible event. Speakers were all excellent and I learned a lot. The event gave me tons of ideas on where we can improve and encouragement on what we are doing well. I loved not having to go somewhere for a day of workshops. I felt that every minute was well worth it. It is only two days after the event and we have already got the wheels turning on several new strategies. Thank you Andrea, for continuing to share your social media knowledge, and for coordinating this event.” – MJ Jacobson, Heritage Christian Academy, MN

“Social Media Summer Camp was a great cost effective professional development workshop, loaded with valuable information. With tight budgets, not having to incur the additional expense of travel and time away from the office, it was perfect.” – Paula Foreman, Altoona Area School District, WI

“A convenient, timely way to receive great content from leading digital communications experts from across North America.” – Susan Hardy Brooks, Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration, OK

“This is a high caliber event, equal to that of an expensive conference, that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home or office. Some of the most respected School PR pros delivering relevant and important content.” – Kaela Williams, Bonner Springs/Edwardsville Unified School District, KS

“I found the session to be invigorating and inspirational. I definitely walked away with a renewed resolve to try new social media strategies and better involve my administration.” – Alicia Mowry – Delaware Area Career Center, OH

“Just like the content Andrea and her team provide year round, the SMSC provides an energetic and inspiring opportunity to build your social media muscles, becoming an even stronger champion for your district.” – Maria Carter-Ewald, Whitmore Lake Public Schools, MI

“Social Media Summer Camp gave such great resources for us to put to use in our district! The guidance for establishing a culture of sharing in our schools will be very helpful as we strive to celebrate all of our students achievements.” – Pamela Workman, Suffolk Public Schools, VA

“I’m a happy camper! SMSC17 was a great day of learning: relevant topics; expert, engaging presenters; and a flexible format to fit into this busy time of year. I took away tips to use right away, and thoughtful information for long-range planning.” – Cathy Kedjidjian, Deerfield Public Schools, IL

“This was the easiest, least expensive way to benefit from thought (and action) leaders in #schoolpr, and to do so from the comfort of your own desk. Great learning, remarkably interactive, and fast-paced exchanges. And great, great topics.” – Sabrina Kapp, Plainfield Community School Corporation, IN

“A wonderful opportunity to hear first hand social media successes, trials and errors from experts in school communication. Adding validity to my quest to build social media in my school.” – Lisa Mutter, Salem City School District, NJ


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