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Video Update on Facebook

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Video Update on Facebook

Video Update on Facebook

Do you want help sharing the Facebook News Feed update with your staff?

We thought you did!

Below is the letter we sent out to our partner schools earlier this week. It includes an awesome video update that is meant to be shown at a staff meeting. Of course there are a few spots where I talk as if the team at #SocialSchool4EDU is working with your school, but you’ll be able to explain that to your staff!

A few weeks ago, we shared some details regarding the Facebook news feed update. We have learned a lot since sharing that initial news, and now wanted to provide a short video that you can share with your staff.

We strongly suggest that you show this video in a staff meeting (it is just under 7 minutes). If you simply e-mail the video out, you and I both know that it will not get watched. The video is meant to help with two things:

  1. Provide a pep talk about the importance of social media. It’s the time of year when content from our schools is low, so this will help spur great stories from your classrooms.

  3. Detail the Facebook news feed changes and help explain what it means for the information that they share with us. Specifically:

    • Event reminders may not reach as many people, so make sure you share the information through other channels as well.

    • Facebook Live is a great way to build engagement with your community.

    • Keep sharing great stories! Close up photos are critical, and just a short description of what is happening.

    • Choose the “See First” option on our school page, and teach parents and community members how to do it.

We have created just a short template that you could incorporate into a parent handout if you’d like.

Click here. You’ll need to copy and paste the information into a new document if you’d like to use it for your school.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are constantly reviewing the best strategies to share your story with the world. Our team of over 20 people are dedicated to the more than 50 school districts that we serve. We are encouraged by the engagement in our content. We are also excited to share even more engaging ways to connect to your community through social media in the future.

It is such a privilege to partner with your school!

– Andrea, Heidi and the team at #SocialSchool4EDU

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